Quick, Cheap Flatbread recipe (24 for $1.50).

Quick, cheap flat breads (24 for $1.50)Big Batch Recipe

By Michelle Shearer

That last day before the shop, open the larder and boom, no bread.  SUCH a pain in the kabooly.  But have no fear, MamaBake’s here (oh dear)!  These can be whipped up in about five minutes flat.  No intense kneading, no two hour wait for the dough to rise (though if you’re in the mood, try this bread recipe for size).  Just mix and cook. Simple.  There’s something about these as well that the kids particularly love – something very ‘comfort’ about them.

Flatbreads can be around $5 a pop in the shops which is expensive; especially when you can make about 24 of these luverly little beauties for about $1 (please note this price is a rough estimate and of course, depends on the type of flour you use and how big your breads are.  But either way it will still be substantially cheaper than the shops)!

I would usually cook with an organic flour but seeing as I am participating in the LeanLarder Challenge, I am using up what I have in the larder and this flour is 75c/1kg from a well known supermarket originating from up Germany way.

These are great to swap for a bread themed MamaBake session.


900g plain flour
1.5 teaspoons salt
9 tablespoons olive oil
450 mls cold water

Mix flour and salt together then add the oil and water, mixing it all up until you have a lovely smooth dough.
Pinch off golf ball-ish size pieces of dough and roll out to round shapes.
Heat a heavy bottomed frying pan over a moderate heat.  Sling your dough in the pan and wait for bubbles to start blow up.  Flip over and brown on the other side.
These can be kept in the fridge or frozen for another day.

Our favourite thing to do with these is to wrap scrambled eggs and herbs with them for a breakfast wrap.  The kids absolutely love them!

Or simply dunk in soup.

Variations and Handy Uses:

Garlic and Herb Flatbreads : Add 1 teaspoon of crushed garlic to softened butter. Whip through and spread liberally on a hot flatbread.  Scatter with freshly chopped herbs of your choosing.

Minted Flatbreads : Stir through 1 tablespoon of dried mint at step 1 in the above method and continue as normal.

Pizza FlatBreads:  Once cooked slather with a homemade tomato sauce, your fave toppings and cheese and you have super quick, delicious pizzas.



  1. Wannalollipop says

    Hi, I made these following this recipe but only got 17 of them.. They were also very hard to roll out thin and hard to mix – but I did love them – I added mint and also fried in a bit of oil – do you use a mixer? I’m thinking I over worked the dough…

  2. sarah davues says

    I cooked with no oil on a teflon fry pan and they came out well. They weren’t as maleable as the flat breads from the supermarket – although i may have overcooked them?

    Some ideas for pimping: grate a bit of garlic and add a few cumin seeds into the dough mix. Yum!

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