Lemon, Honey and Yoghurt Pancakes

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Lemon, Yoghurt and honey pancake recipe

By Michelle Shearer

I’ve never really been a ‘pancake’ kinda gal, honestly.  I’ve never seen the appeal of them – well, let’s read, I haven’t ever really been able to nail a good pancake. They have always come out a bit dodgy tasting e.g. no taste and looking like flimsy little insipid disks smirking at me as I try to palm them off to my children for breakfast.

Thank the maker for maple syrup and other pancake cover-ers, I say.

All that, until now.

This morning, I peered cautiously into my fridge (always wise to behave with the utmost caution around my fridge – no sudden sounds or movements) to see what I had in there (today being the day before shopping day and all).  What do I spy in there?  A HUGE 2kg tub of yoghurt and a load of sad sack looking lemons.  “What to do? What to do?” says I , wringing my hands as first world problemers are wont to do over such enormous issues.  “What AM I going to do with this blimmin’ yoghurt and lemons??”.  My fridge starts to beep at me, pissed off at me for leaving the fridge door open.  “Oh shut it!” I said . “No, you” said the fridge. So I did.

My son yells at me “I want pancakes!” I say in a sing-song voice: “One se-ee-eec” as I try to buy more time to think about what to do with these fridge contents….”Wait!” cry I, as  I turn around towards my genius son.  “Whaaat did you just say?” I ask.  He looks afraid.  “I want pancakes!” he says.

“Pancakes?” (It’s dawning on me)  “PANCAKES! YES! Everybody stop thinking!  I will make PANCAKES with my frigidaire ingredients.  It will be one big old GRAND experiment”.

The children look relieved.

So, off to work we went.  Ingredients here, ingredients there.  Whisk this, sift that, heat that over there…

Then, BANG!  Recipe experiment anxiety strikes:  How would they be? Would they taste like dog carpet?  Could they be used as flying saucer props? Will they mistaken for leather coasters?  Would they be the laughing stock of The Pancake Times?  All these questions. So much pressure.

The result?

They were delicious!  They weren’t like all the other pancakes I had ever made – oh no – not like them at all. These were spongy and tasty and needed only a wee knob of butter on top and a sprinkling of lemon zest to bring out the subtle flavours within.  The leftover pancakes I wrapped up for the kids lunchboxes.

The quantity for this mix meant there was plenty for about two families of four for afternoon tea.  I wouldn’t hesitate in doubling this recipe and jarring it up for a snacks themed MamaBake session so that there would be enough for four families.

Seriously, these are seriously good, seriously.



2 cups of plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
Big pinch of salt
2 cups greek yoghurt
2 tablespoons honey
2 eggs
Zest of 2 lemons
Coconut oil for cooking (or whatever oil you like to use).


Sift together all the dry ingredients in one bowl.
In another bowl, whisk together the wet ingredients.
Add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, stir until combined.
Heat a tablespoon of oil in a heavy bottomed frying pan over a moderate heat, when the oil gets hot, drop in a tablespoon of the pancake mix. You will find that the mix is quite thick but don’t worry about that.  Let the little pancake mix mound of joy sit there in the hot oil for a couple of minutes and when you know it’s nice and golden on the bottom, flip over.  Here, you can squash it down a little so that instead of a mound of pancake you get a flatter disk shape.  Cook in batches.

Serve with a knob of butter and a few swirls of lemon zest.


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