Quick Chocolate and Walnut Fudge Recipe: Gift Idea

easy fudge recipe


Recipe by Claudia De La Motte



A small handful of toasted walnuts blitzed in a chopper or smashed (mortar and pestle) /chopped (board)
Can of condensed milk
410g dark cooking chocolate
1 tspn Dutch cocoa (opt).


  1. Melt chocolate in a ceramic bowl, add walnuts, add condensed milk. Mix quickly and spread into a lined slice tray as the condensed milk will cause a reaction with the chocolate, making it set quickly. Pop in fridge to set completely. Sieve some cocoa over the top and vĂ­ola! Chock walnut fudge!
  2. You can add a little salt to the mix too for a more adult twist, but need to go steady on it otherwise it gets too salty.


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  1. How long does this last? Wanting to give as a gift.

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