MamaBake: The Shire

1/ How long have you been MamaBaking for?

Since June

2/ How many are you and where?

There are ususally 4 muma’s and kids at our local community kitchen in “The Shire”

3/ What’s the common bond you all share?

Love of food and good company!

4/ What are the favourite meals?

Still experimenting, but they have all been delish! We haven’t had any repeats yet. I enjoy anything I can freeze to keep for one of “those” days.

5/ How does MamaBake improve motherhood for you?

Makes things easier – yummy food, and a place to discuss things with other Mamas.

6/ Do you have any food values you adhere to for the group sessions?

Not for every session, but we have talked about having a “theme” – vegetarian / paleo / Christmas goodies.

7/ Why do you MamaBake?

I love cooking with other people.

8/ One tip for other Mamas thinking about MamaBaking?

Just do it!

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