8 Things NOT to Say to a Mother

There are a few things you just simply don’t want to hear when you’ve just had a baby but boy, do people drop some CLANGERS!  Here is a short guide for all the potential clanger dropper-ers out there in the world.
  1. “When are you due?” particularly if said whilst woman is holding her newborn.  Play it safe and no matter what, no matter how strong the urge: just never say that.  Simple.
  2. “Gee, s/he is in a good paddock”  Just don’t.
  3. “Are they all yours?”  Again, please don’t say this. Ever.
  4. “Haven’t you worked out what causes it yet?”.  Yes, yes we know what causes ‘it’. Thank you.
  5. “You look tired”  Yes, you bet your life I’m tired. Take my children to the park for an hour.
  6. When a woman announces her happy news that she is pregnant please NEVER say the following: “Oh shit” or  “Are you keeping it?”

  7. “You’ll have no problem with natural labour with hips like that.”  Yeh. No.

  8. “I know what you’ve been doooooing” in response to a pregnancy announcement.  Oh, and saying this in a sing-song voice does not make it any more okay.

Well, that just about covers it.

Or does it?  Have we missed any?  If we have, you better clue us up in the comments for the sake of all mothers everywhere.






  1. Rachel @ The Kids Are All Right says:

    When my friend told her boss she was pregnant, he actually asked her if she was keeping it – can you believe it? Another cretin who worked in television.

    The thing that is a stand out memory for me is how many people said go and see lots of movies at the cinema, you won’t get to watch movies again for a long time! (Ok, it turned out to be true, but it’s not that important!)

  2. My least favorite is “enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast”. It is not humanly possible to enjoy every minute. Are they forgetting sleep deprivation is actually a form of torture?x

  3. “do you have to pee all the time?” then after the baby “how do you pee?”

  4. Questioned says:

    I hate the question when pregnant: “was it planned?” uh, is it your business? No. Simple.

  5. Melanie Graham / A Welcoming Hearth says:

    Oh yes I think I have had all of these. I lovely little checkout girl asked me when I was due, a week after having my bub, and I was pushing the pram! lol

  6. While pregnant, “is it twins?” Or once you’ve had baby, “are they twins?” About the siblings 17mths apart!

  7. 1. Are you sure you’re not having twins?!?? You’re big enough!!
    2. You sure ARE eating for two, aren’t you?!?
    3. I’ve heard pregnant women are horny all the time?
    4. Don’t worry, breastfeeding will literally melt the preggy fat right off. (For the record, I wasn’t worried).
    5. How old are you anyway?

    All these were asked of me while I was pregnant and working in government. Family Friendly? My word.

    • At work, the girls in my team kept bringing snack to the office as usual (and I usually never had them), and then of a sudden I became the one eating for two and everything that entered the room had to come my way.
      I told them I was eating for myself and not for two, but they didn’t quite get it, so throughout pregnancy I was offered (and denied) all sorts of junkies. It was mainly cakes, snacks, chocolates… things I never ate at the office, having my little tiny fruit basket with fresh fruit there to eat! Why people really think we eat for two!!

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