DIY Citrus Peel Cleaner

Don’t chuck your orange peels!  Turn them into this powerhouse of a cleaning spray!

 We are citrus crazy in our house, and I now have jar after jar of lemon, orange and lime peels just waiting to be doused in vinegar and left to soak.

 *if my son was old enough, I’d be the crazy lady collecting all the peel from orange segments at half time in junior soccer games!*


MamaBake’s DIY Citrus & Clove All Purpose Cleaner

Enough peels to tightly fill an airtight jar.

Cloves (or whatever other herb/flower scent you like.  Clove and orange is my favourite and the clove is a strong enough smell to mask the vinegar)

Cover with vinegar.

Sit in the pantry for around 2 weeks then drain the liquid into a spray bottle.


*You can use the spray on just about any surface, but if you’re concerned about the strength of the vinegar, test in an inconspicuous spot first.



  1. So, where do you store the jar of citrus peels waiting for vinegar?

    I’m hoping they last a while; we don’t go through a huge amount in our house.

    Ah, also wondering whether you could mix them up (as in lemons and mandarins)?

  2. Hi Fiona,

    We go through peel quickly, so I just keep a big glass jar on the bench. You could always keep peels in a ziplock bag in the fridge (try and get as much of the flesh off as you can), and then fill the jar when you have a big batch.

    Absolutely mix up the peel! Any citrus works well. I’m looking forward to jazzing up lemon peel with some lime come Summer time!

    Happy cleaning! (no wait, that sounds wrong!)

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