How to chop onions without crying



1.  Pop them in the freezer for a bit before cutting.  This changes the sulphur gas in each cell that gets released otherwise, turning into dilute sulphuric acid when it hits the moisture in our eyes, hence the   stinging and tears.

2.  Use a mandolin.

3.  Cut in half from tip to root. Immediately lay cut side down, and slice off the top only. Peel, then slice while keeping the cut edge on the chopping board.

4.  Store them in the fridge.

5.  Wear contact lenses.

6.  Chop the ends off, chop them in half and then rinse under running water for a few seconds.

7.  Don’t breathe through your nose, mouth only.

8.  Make the husband chop them for you

9.  Peel them and leave them in a tub of water in the fridge before chopping

10.  Get your kids to do it in their swimming goggles.


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