DIY Baby Wipes

homemade baby wipes

Take one of these:







Add this






VOILA!  Baby wipes!

If you are travelling or going out, stick them in one of those reusable containers that everyone has knocking around in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

First, rinse cloth in very, very dilute tea tree or lavender solution to wipe sticky faces and fingers etc, then fold and pop in a tightly sealed container.   If baby has a sore bottom first soak cloth in a dilute chamomile solution first.







You now have your own box of free-ish baby wipes!


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  1. Love it ! Best baby wipes EVER ! You could add a little weak chamomile tea if there is a little nappy rash too 🙂

  2. LOL – also think these make the best wipes. A zip-lock bag is another good alternative to the container.

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