21 One Handed Snack Ideas for the Newly Birthed Mother

one handed snack ideas for newly birthed mothers

We all know how tricky it can be to get to the basics, such as eating (!), when we have a newborn; let alone when we have other children to care for too. Here are some one-handed snack ideas mama can have to hand and eat one handed AND keep a toddler happy!

  1. Cut fruit, cheese and vegetables in a container in the fridge
  2. Pizza with baked egg and herbs, cut into small snack sized slices (and can be frozen)
  3. Make your lunch the previous night
  4. Cut sandwiches into fingers
  5. Healthy, home made muesli bars
  6. Make a batch of soup spooned into single serve bowls & frozen.
  7. Zucchini slice; and reheat in a sandwich toaster or under the grill (can be frozen)
  8. Mini savory muffins or frittatas
  9. Salmon and cheese with crackers.
  10. Don’t forget left overs! Make a little extra at dinner, and you will have some in the fridge for lunch the next day
  11. Pecan nut and cheese rolls (can be frozen)
  12. Ask your partner to pack you a lunchbox each morning.
  13. Put the slow cooker on the night before. Chuck in any leftover veg (and/or meat) simmer simmer simmer.
  14. Hard boiled eggs
  15. Marinated tofu fried up and cut into sticks
  16. Roast some chicken drumsticks
  17. Make a platter of the bits and bobs in the fridge e.g. carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, capsicum sticks, cheese, hummus, ham, cherry tomatoes with crackers or bread or toast or lebonese bread or turkish bread.
  18. Toasted sandwiches – pre-make at breakfast time and pop in fridge ready to pop in sandwich press at lunchtime
  19. Have a couple of jars of dips for vegetables e.g. hummus etc
  20. Meatballs!
  21. Home baked chicken nuggets – bake them up for dinner making extra for you eat the next day straight from the fridge dunked in dips.


  1. So have you got a muesli bar recipe? I’m sure everyone would love that.

  2. I work with mums as a birth and postnatal doula and part of the deal for many of the mums i work for is to prepare nutritious meals for them and their families. It is really important that new mums get the right nutrients in those early weeks. Foods rich in protein such as frittata and chicken soup are great but new mums need to be careful to avoid foods which could cause excessive wind in new babies. Also avoiding gluten and dairy in the early days is a good idea if a baby is unsettled. If you’re preparing food for a new mum, go for foods that area freezable and protein rich over things like muffins and musli bars.

  3. Great advice, thank you Cas.

  4. This is a great list! I’m due in a few months and I have a 3 and 5 yo too. My one handed snack of choice to grab when I had a newborn in the past is chocolate, and I REALLY don’t want to fall into that trap again.
    I’ll definitely be freezing some batches of savory muffins, quiches and meatballs before bub gets here, thanks for the ideas. 🙂

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