Sore throat and cold remedy and other wisdom

All it takes is that one ‘sniff’ from the back seat of the car on the drive home from school to know that the season of runny noses, coughs and general ‘oh my god will the misery never end?’, is on its way.

We put it to you, our wise and wonderful MamaBake community, how to best get through the cold and flu season with your health and sanity intact.  As always, you delivered.

Sore Throat & Cough Herbal Remedy

5 parts honey
1 part apple cider vinegar
1 handful dried sage

Simmer 15 min – DO NOT BOIL

As it’s cooling in the bottle I add things like – parsley, various mints, garlic (whole cloves not crushed, that way they don’t smell) chilli, peppers, ginger, royal jelly, ginko biloba, rosemary.  These are all optional however, the base recipe is enough.

Child (2mth-5yrs) 1 teaspoon 3 x day before meals
Child (5yr-12yrs) 1 tablespoon 3 x day before meals
Adult (12yrs +) 2 tablespoon 3 x day before meals

Storage: Cool, dry, dark place – I keep a bottle in the cupboard at all times.
Suggestion:  Tastes great as the sweetner in herbal teas

<<<Recipe by Melissa Cook>>>

Other MamaBaker tips:

1.  Take huge amounts of vitamin c and garlic.

2. Put Vicks on your feet and socks on top. Drink heaps of water and echinacea

3. Take Astra Forte

4.  Be kind to yourself and rest

5.  Go hard on the echinacea and multivitamins.  Have a bottle of water with pink Himalayan salt and lemon to hand too.

6.  Take Olive Leaf Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, raw honey, chlorophyll, vitamin C and garlic. Also chicken soup with lots of garlic and chilli.

7.  Make a big batch of something yummy and nutritious while you’re still standing so you don’t have to cook when you’re floored.

8.  Take homeopathic aconite, olive leaf extract and 500mg vit c every hour. Cut out dairy while you’re sick.

9.  Try 2 teaspoons of glycerine, 4 tablespoons of honey and half a cup of lemon juice.  Take only one table spoon three times a day to break up phlegm.

10.  I rely on The Tonic: LARGE amount of garlic, lemon juice, honey and ginger in boiling water. Taken at the first sign of coldy achiness and followed with a good sleep, it chases sickness away.

11.  Zinc is notoriously deficient in Australians’ diets, and zinc helps absorption of Vitamin C; so add a zinc supplement in.

12.  Scientifically, zinc, garlic, ginger, vitamin C and selenium are all proven to be anti-viral. As a nutritionist I swear by them for both prevention and cure!

13.  Make cooling drinks. My favourite for the family  sore throat. Poached Chinese pear & rock sugar. The other we make is luohan drink w chrysamathum flowers. Works a treat. Been having that the past three days and the sore throat is gone.

14.  For sore throats, slice an onion and pour honey over it. Let it sit for a few hours and then drink the juice. Just tastes like runny honey.

15.  Olive leaf and broccoli soup! The soup is delicious and full of goodness.


  1. Meagan O'Halloran says:

    my favourite is the clasic hot lemon- juice of one lemon, 1 garlic clove slashed once or twice with a knife, 1cm ginger treated the same way and 2tblsp honey. pour over hot water and allow to steep for 15 min. i suggest being careful not to actually boil the juice as vitamin c is lost at high temperatures. i also gargle with cider vinegar and water for a sore throat.

  2. Lovely the post. I love kitchen pharmacy remedies. Grass root stuff. And affordable! I just wanted to add, sage is really not good for breastfeeding mamas as it is traditionally used to dry up milk! So use as a gargle only! Much love from the plateau! XXX

  3. Also, go and get real licorice root and real marshmallow root to add as a tea to any of the lovely concoction above. It will sweeten and soothe throat very well, and is well tolerated if not liked by little ones.

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