MamaBakers’ Top 11 ‘Stay Sane’ Thoughts & Doings for Mamas


1.  Only take advice from people who genuinely love you and who matter.  (Ange)

2.  Remember that though it may be all encompassing now, each stage does pass. (Ange)

3.  A long hot shower! For me or them.  (Saz)

4.  Playpen:  to stick one’s self in for a quick sanity-saving cup of tea whilst chaos reigns on the outside. (Ellie)

5.  Surround yourself with “real” mama friends, you know, the honest one’s that don’t mind admitting that they’re human & mess up lots of the time. (Ellie)

6.  Yoga – more me time, good for my back and stops me from sticking my head in the oven.  (Pruey)

7.  Remembering my family history of strong women: my mother managed to stay sane while single-parenting three of us under six, in the 1950s. (Ruby)

8.  Do whatever, where ever, how ever to ensure you get a good rest TONIGHT. Tomorrow will take care of itself. (Karen)

9.  Pick your battles and walk away from the dishes/ vacuum cleaner.   (Phoebe)

10.  Bathroom/toilet (door with a lock)! (Katrina)

11.  Leave. The. House. I mean it, pack up the pram, the teenagers, take a ball, a book, whatever you’ve got & GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! (Seonie)

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