MamaBake’s BEST sweet potato recipes

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Brown rice with Tumeric & Sweet Potato. Vegan & Gluten Free!

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Curried Sweet Potato & Pea Hand Pies

By Michelle Shearer These little pies are fabulous when you have some leftover mashed potatoes or sweet potato of any ilk.  I had some leftover from when I made these sweet potato, feta and spinach cakes – do you remember these? Anyway, with the leftovers, I made these little hand pies with some peas I had […]

Spinach, Feta and Sweet Potato Cakes : big batch recipe

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Sweet Potato, Ham and Feta Cakes: GF/Low Carb

  By Michelle Shearer I’ve been making these up on the Sunday before the week starts for the week ahead – reeeally good to have in the fridge when the hungergrumbles mumble. Excellent with salad or with a dipping sauce.  Be sure to fry in lots of oil as the coconut flour is super absorbent […]

Big Batch Cheesy Sweet Potato Bites.

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