MamaBake’s BEST slow cooker SOUP recipes

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20 Ways With Christmas Leftovers

By Emma Chow I love Christmas leftovers. I hate wasting food. That is, as long as I can turn said leftovers into something else. Leftover meat, cheese, salads, vegetables and fruit are easily turned into new dishes. Then there are other bits and pieces, not so easy to revamp into something that the family will […]

Creamy Lettuce Soup! Big Batch! Bonus: croutons recipe

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Best Ever Minestrone Soup: big batch!

By Michelle Shearer Hearty and warming, tasty and chuck in all your leftovers.  I mean this meal ticks all the checks or checks all the ticks or …I think you know what  mean (before I self-combust trying to figure out the saying). It’s a jolly good family tea, that’s what! Onward!  Let’s just get straight […]

Classic Tomato Soup: Big Batch!

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