Justine’s 10 Minute Vegetable Pancakes

Thanks to MamaBaker, Justine, for submitting this little beauty of a Vegetable Pancake recipe – a delicious and fast family dinner idea. We particularly love this recipe, because like all we do here at MamaBake, it has the potential to save you mad time on school lunches too.  Big batch up the recipe for dinners and […]

Vicki’s Spanish Fried Rice

We absolutely love when our beautiful MamaBake community share their favourite family recipes with us!  Vicki has shared with us her favourite dinner-under-30-minutes recipe: Spanish Fried Rice.  It looks yummy and the added bonus is that it’s quick. If you have a recipe you’d like to share with the MamaBake community, email us: mamabake@mamabake.com and […]

Claudia’s Leftover Bolognaise Jazz-Up

  Leftover bolognaise sauce.  Ah yes, you probably have some in your fridge as you read this. MamaBaker Claudia’s magic little Bolognaise Joojj: Heat up a heavy bottomed frying pan and over a medium heat, add the leftover meat and sizzle. Add peri peri sauce, ground coriander seeds and cumin seeds and a tin of […]