The untranslatable word only mothers understand

You look at your baby, her little plump feet, that prefect marshmallow bum, those cheeks, oh, those cheeks! Suddenly a shrill and entirely unwelcome feeling overwhelms you. You find yourself wanting to violently pinch those cheeks hard and devour your baby whole. The good news is, you are not a freak. Ideating violent acts on […]

Curiosity Without Judgement Essays: Gen Y expectations of Motherhood.

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Blueberry Pie – Gluten Free Recipe

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MamaBake Frankston

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Mama Sally Reviews MamaBake’s Once-A-Week Cooking Plan

Review of Once-A-Week Cooking Plan  “I’m not a Mum who hates cooking. In fact, I love it! But the reality of life with two kids and two full-time working parents means that any time I can save during the week is precious. My work also requires me to travel frequently, and I feel slightly less […]

Understanding & Encouraging your fussy eater

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Mum, relax. Affirmations for moments of overwhelm

Call them mantras, affirmations, meditations or sayings; some days a few positive words can lift you up and get you through a rough patch. We asked you, our MamaBake community, for the words that raise your spirits, and you answered. “Remember,  give 100% in everything you do, except when giving blood” “It’s just a bad […]

Mummy Burnout and How to Avoid It

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Curiosity without judgement: Mothers with Tattoos

This January I got three new tattoos from three different artists. I found the time sitting or lying down for the tattoo to be incredibly relaxing. Pre-children I had braced for the pain of tattoos with a lot of anxiety and anticipation, but having given birth 3 times with varying levels of pain, I found […]

5 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity

In amongst all the family cacophony in my household, there has been one anchor for me and that has been creativity. 9 years ago I became an insta-mum to 3 children under 7. My partner came as a package deal with a 4 and 7 year old daughter and 6 year old son who we […]

3 Excuses Why I’ve Never Tried MamaBake and Should Have

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6 Ways to DeStress, Naturally…

By Hayley Beullens Strung out, kids whinging, house a mess – does this sound like you? As we take on the busy task of looking after our kids, juggling work commitments and the household, we end up feeling burnout and with no time to do anything properly. Try these natural “de-stress” tips for stressed-out Mums. […]

Book Review: ‘Mama – Dispatches from the Frontline of Love’

By Rachael Mogan McIntosh *This is an unsponsored review. Books about motherhood usually follow something of a predictable formula. No matter the philosophy behind them, they tend to deal with the practicalities of childbirth and child-rearing. When they delve into the emotional realm, it’s largely to explore psychiatric issues like post-natal depression, the emotional landscape of the […]

MamaBake Kitchen Bench Stories: A Family Walk

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How to Start a MamaBake Group

Are you keen to start your very own MamaBake group but not quite sure HOW?  Read on! We’ll get you up and running in no time. What even IS MamaBake?  Click here to find out. Starting a group of any kind can feel like a huge responsibility especially when you have all the domestic and […]

How to MamaBake: My Kitchen is Small!

One thing we get asked all the time is, if one has a small kitchen, can MamaBake still happen?  (Oh and if you’re not sure how to MamaBake in the first place, please go here for a minute). Can Mama still get free time and enjoy the benefits of MamaBaking? We say:  “Sure you can!” […]

Oh, Boobs.

By Emma Chow Oh, Boobs Remember that period of early puberty when you wondered when your breasts would grow and how large they’d end up being? I don’t. One day I was a ten year old girl who was shaped like, dressed like and often mistaken for a boy. The next, I was growing a […]

Mama’s Self Nurture Toolkit for the Christmas Season

By Fiona Howe Self Nurture. We all need it, but why do women find it so hard to do? In the busy-ness of the Festive Season, it can seem harder than ever, but no less important. Definition of Nurture:  nourish, rear, foster, train, educate. Take a moment to think about that. Based on this definition […]

Our Kids: THIS is What Makes a Great Mum

By Michelle Shearer How much information is there out there nowadays about how to be a ‘good mum’?  With the loss of our extended families and connection with the older women in our communities who would, in the past, have mothered the mothers, we turn to text books and strangers to help us along the […]

25 Ways to Overcome Moments of Overwhelm

By Michelle Shearer Everyone has moments of utter overwhelm – even people you think are entirely together, they have them too – and they can happen with extraordinary frequency when children come along; particularly when we parent alone without close family support nearby. Here is a wee collection of tips that other mothers have found […]