Easy Caramel Sauce: big batch!

Recipe By Elizabeth Henderson. Words by Michelle Shearer This is just dead handy for a very naughty gooey sugar hit of the worst/best kind when you really need it.  Store a vast bowl of it in the fridge to pour over cake, ice cream, my face.   Caramel Sauce Ingredients 800g brown sugar 400ml cream […]

Sticky Date Pudding & Caramel Sauce: big batch!

You should know that writing this post is killing me.  I think this has got to be ultimate for me: all caramel-y and well, caramel.  I needn’t go on.  I won’t, it’s just too hard to think about it anymore. This is a great swapsy for the MamaBakers amongst us.  Or if you’re MamaBaking solo, […]