20 Lovely Lentil and Bean Recipes

lentil recipes

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Spice up Your Life! 17 Recipes Using Spices!


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Rich Beef Stew with Parmesan Dumplings


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Sweet Potato Salmon Patties! Big Batch! Gluten Free!

Big Batch Sweet Potato and Salmon Patties Gluten Grain free

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Oat Biscuits! Big Batch!

Oat Biscuits mamabake

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Karen’s Top 10 Recipes from 2014!

Top 10 2014

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20 Big Batch Recipes

big batch recipes

We at Mamabake love to do a big cook off, whether with friends or alone, this is a great way to fill your fridge and freezer for the coming weeks or to have enough food to share with friends. These 20 of Mamabake’s best and most recent big batch recipes, perfect for your next Mamabake […]

Milo Balls! Big Batch!

Milo Balls!05

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Salted Peanut Butter Fudge! Dairy, Egg, Gluten Free! (with sugar free option!)

Salted Peanut Butter Fudge

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Tuna, Quinoa & Broccoli Burgers! Big Batch Recipe! Gluten Free!

Tuna Broccoli and Quinoa Burgers Gluten Free Big Batch08

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