Cheats Beetroot Hummus! Big Batch!

Some days, my MamaBake session rolls around when I simply have had no time to give much thought to what gourmet delights to share with my tribe, let alone shop for ingredients.  Actually, there’s no better time in the world for a MamaBake!  When the cupboard is bare and inspiration is low.  That’s when a […]

Beetroot Dip: Vegan, Quick and Easy

  By Emma Chow Hate beetroots you say? That’s how I felt too, until a chef in charge of me laughed in my face and told me that If I were going to be any sort of decent chef, I had better learn to like it and plenty more besides. So I ate roasted beetroots […]

Big batch recipe: Pumpkin, Beetroot and Spinach Meatballs

  Meatballs are incredibly handy for the family fridge.  They can be tossed together with a pasta sauce and popped onto a wee mountain of pasta, or can be gobbled up as a handy snack when little tummies are rumbling, mid afternoon. These meatballs were a huge hit here at HQ one day with a […]