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Cook once, eat all week!

meal prep ideas, cook once eat all week

Meal prep ideas : cook once, eat all week!


“But, I LOVE cooking dinner every.single.evening!”
~Said No Mother Ever

Seriously though….

Would you love to spend alot less time cooking?
Would you love your evenings back to relax? Imagine…
Want dinner ideas your family will love?

“Knowing that I don’t have to cook meals all week and have some for the freezer is great!” ~Sally

Do you want to get more organised?  Are you looking for meal prep ideas to free you up from cooking constantly?

Cook once eat all week (some of our meal plans take less than half a day!) with our once-a-week meal plans and fill your fridge and freezer with a week’s worth of wholesome family dinners your family will love.

Our Once-A-Week Cooking Plans take you step-by-step through how each ingredient of each of the 7 meals needs to be prepared – all you have to do is shop for your ingredients and follow the plan.  We’ve done all the planning for you!  Very little brain power required!  (HOORAY!)

meal prep ideas, cook once eat all week

Our Once a Week Cooking plans means you cook once eat all week!


6 meals in 90 minutes….

“Thanks Slow Cooker Once-a-Week cooking plan one! I just prepped the butter chicken, teriyaki chicken, beef and veg stew, my own beef beer and mushroom stew, and cooked up a big batch of spag bol sauce in 90 minutes.

One knife, one board and a mini food processor is all I have to clean. oh and a spatula, but that hardly counts…”

meal prep ideas, cook once eat all week

Esther’s End Result! Set for the week ahead!

“Knowing that I don’t have to cook meals all week and have some for the freezer is great! Sitting down to eat the One Pan Chicken for dinner that night was the icing on the cake. Everyone loved the chicken, and there was enough to freeze the leftovers for another meal. The soup was delicious too, and .. I was able to take leftover soup for lunch the next day.”
~Mum Sally

As well as the Once-A-Week Cooking meal plans, your membership will also get you access to our
recipe collection that has been developed by chefs for busy mums.
The big batch recipes and Once-A-Week Cooking plans
includes hundreds of recipes to suit all families’ tastes and needs:

big batch recipes | gluten free recipes | clean eating recipes | vegetarian & vegan recipes| freezer meal recipes| raw recipes | classics | comfort (we wouldn’t leave out comfort!) recipes

“From start to finish (including cleaning up, tending to children and a snack break) it took around 3 hours, and totally worth every second.

I now have delicious meals in the freezer ready to go for the days both my husband and I work and the Witching Hour is upon us as we walk in the door. I even used foil trays so I don’t have to wash up much afterwards!”

Lauren, Mum of Two

meal prep ideas, cook once eat all week

This pic of Alison Mae Ravn’s meals from one of our Slow Cooker Menus. She labelled this ‘Emergency Meals’. Love it!



  1. Once-A-Week Cooking plans (monthly): cook one weeks worth of dinners in half a day. Our plans include:
    1. A shopping list for the entire weeks’ worth of meals
    2. Step-by-Step instructions to prepare all the meals in one hit
    3. Recipes for each individual meal.

2. Access to ALL Once-A-Week Cooking Plans created by our chefs and cooks.

3. Access to HUNDREDS of MamaBake recipes created and tested by experienced MamaBakers, Mums and Chefs.

4. Your own personalised online recipe box : save all your favourite MamaBake recipes in one online recipe box.