Bananas: What this horrifying 70s cookbook reveals

Before everyone was Instagramming their Deconstructed Breakfast Burritos at jaunty angles against distressed timber backdrops, the only people who took photos of food were cookbook photographers. We don’t know who was responsible for the food styling and photography of the 1970 cookbook ‘Be Bold With Bananas’, but its greasy sepia-toned aesthetic has made the book […]

Pink ‘failing beautifully’ at school holiday parenting

Motherhood is a great leveler. Pop powerhouse Pink may have sold 42 million albums worldwide but a combination of summer holidays and a New York heatwave left her admitting to ‘failing beautifully’ as a mother. The sapped-looking songstress’ Instagram selfie, which also captured her six-year-old daughter free-ranging inside her New York apartment, was captioned:  ‘Yeah my […]

Why Mamabake is the radical act of love we need

One moment I was slopping 5 litres of big-batch butter chicken into tumeric-stained containers, the next I found myself radicalised into a growing feminist movement. Mamabake, through real-life love-in-action, was set quietly on dismantling the structural oppression which devalued the collective creative force of motherhood. And the butter chicken was to die for. The Mamabake movement is […]